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PowerSwing Ultimate Mind & Body Transformations

PowerSwing is an e cient, cutting edge mind and body workout program combining the elements from Yoga, Fitness, Pilates, Gymnastic, Aerial, etc. utilizing a multiFUNctional suspension device called PowerSwing. At PowerSwing, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Yogi, Pilatesian, or just start about starting your new workout, everyone are welcome to join our ONE unique fun family! Our well experienced and certified instructors will help you to reach your goals safely and e ciently.

My true story about the wonderful discovery in health & therapy


For Perfect Mind & a Better Body

Learn to do inversion therapy to alleviate mild back, shoulder, neck pains in minutes safer and easier.

Learn to do Cardio Fitness training and burn maximum calories by strengthening the cardiac muscles, revving up your metabolism, and feel refreshed instantly!

Learn to do balance and improve core strength muscles (abs & back) easier and more efficient.

Power Swing Kidz: Learn to do Yoga, gymnastic, easier and safer, learn to FLY! Let our kids grow with a healthy mind and body, most of all it’s FUN! (suitable for 8 years old and up)

Learn to do Yoga and improve flexibility easier, safer than ever utilizing the swing to support the yoga poses to alleviate back,neck, shoulder pains, migrain,etc. naturally.

Our Teachers

Simone Kusuma Halim

You can call her “Simone”. When Simone discovered the powerful benefits of the swing that has been firstly founded in US since 1999, she decided to practice swing regularly and having an extensively trained in Yoga Swing & Therapeutic with a Certified Yoga Swing teacher from Australia in 2010, until then Power Swing has changed her life, and one day I woke up in the morning with free of pain in my back for the first time of my life!

After completing her teacher training at AntiGravity Yoga Flying Fitness Teacher Training with Master trainer Shelley Bomb and the creator of AntiGravity Yoga, Christopher Harrison, in New York City, she decided to share this greatest swing exercise discoveries toward my friends and family, and our children by opening up Power Swing Studio – the First and original PowerSwing Studio and the First US Licensed AntiGravity Yoga Center in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2011.

As a certified AFAA Personal Trainer (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America) and Movement Efficiency Training (MET Method) Coach, she’s also focusing in teaching Private classes to help you optimizing the fitness & health goals while getting the natural restorative benefit for your Spine efficiently as well as effectively at your convenient time with friends or families.

Inspired by the childhood dream when watching “Cirque du Soleil”, her passions with Aerial Yoga, Aerial Fitness and now Aerial Art has lead her to FLY over to Los Angeles, US in 2015 to get her certified in Aerial Silk Instructor taught by the Founder of Aerial Physique. Now her dream has came true to open up the First and the Only Aerial Silk High-Ceiling Facility in town and to share the Beauty and the Graceful of Aerial RedSilk PowerSwing Program with all of our PowerSwing Jakarta members. “Sky is the Limit”

M. Adi Nugroho

M. Adi Nugroho, or you can call him “Adi” is an energetic and passionate PowerSwing instructor and also a certified
AFAS Personal Trainer, Movement Efficiency Training (MET) Coach. And AntiGravity Yoga Instructor. He inspires many people to live in healthy lifestyles, and he has been teaching numerous PowerSwing group classes and private classes after being certified and intensively trained in PowerSwing Teacher Training. His fine experience in other field such as Taekwondo for kids, fitness for adults have showed how dedicated he is with all his students.

He is also teaching Boxing for Fitness, Boot Camp Classes, so let’s get ready to get ripped like a fighter while burning maximum calories, and most of all it’s safe for your back. Be dare to experience total balance of Ultimate Mind, Body, and Spirits @ PowerSwing Studio.
Live Stronger, and Be Happy! Cheers 😉

Decky Karunia

Introduced to Yoga in late 2010 at the gym, Decky weighted almost 200 pounds at that time. One year vigorous practice, lost around 40 pounds and decided to join Yoga teacher training to depend the teaching skills, he graduated from Yoga Mix 120 hr Teacher Training on 2012 and completed his 200 hr RYT from LearnYoga@GG Teacher Training in 2013. His passion on yoga comes from the very big interest on human Anatomy and how yoga can transform someone mentally and physically.

Addicted to alignment base of yoga and the using of props that influence his way of teaching, Decky find the Power Swing device can bring tremendous benefits in Yoga while enhancing the practice. After completing his PowerSwing Teacher Training and Apprenticeship, Decky got a chance to introduce YogaSwing class at PowerSwing to further helping the students learn more about the benefit of therapeutic and alignment utilizing PowerSwing device.

Having a motto “It is student who picked teacher, not otherwise”, Decky hopes everyone get the health benefits from the practice.


You can call him Surya. Is a passionate Personal Trainer , PowerSwing & MET BootCamp Coach. He started in the fitness industry as a traditional gym member, and start learned everything thrown at him ever since. Numerous world-class certifications had been obtained such as American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM), CrossFit Coach Lvl-1, Reebok University, and the latest; PowerSwing Flight Instructor & MET Method Coach. He has great knowledge and experience in many fitness fields such as core training, cardiovascular training, resistance training, flexibility training, therapheutic & special population exercises, behaviour & nutritional coaching, etc.

He believes that exercise is natural demand for every person, and he had taught fellow personal trainers in several big-chain fitness centers as a Personal Trainer Educator & Consultant.

“I believe that PowerSwing has a very unique features to help people which no other trainings nor fitness equipments can compare, especially for those who has spine problems and I’ve seen the evidences on the very first session my students tried PowerSwing.”
He also help his clients to achieve their fitness goals and lead them to adhere to a healthier way of life.

Achmad Syarif

You can call him Arie. He started in the fitness industry as a regular gym member along with his natural passions in Fitness enthusiast, Body building, and Nutrition, then he decided to start his career as a Certified Personal Trainer in a Mega gym in Jakarta for about 10 years ago. He gained great knowledge and experience in many fitness fields such as core training, cardiovascular training, weight lifting, and finally has lead him getting certified in Thump Boxing International for Fitness (accredited by ACE, Fitness Australia).

He found out that being healthy and fit doesn’t mean you have to be in the treadmill nor running for hours, and his true passion and creativity in Boxing and Kick boxing for Fitness has been helping a lot of his clients and our members achieving their health and fitness goals in losing weight, gain lean muscles, cardio training, and increasing the stamina in a fun way.

“Everybody can become a fighter in their own battles. Battles again the obesity, diabetes, everyday grinds, etc. Being able to create this unique yet SAFE KickBoxFit Program at PowerSwing Jakarta, giving tremendous opportunity for everybody in every levels to learn to do boxing with less risk of getting injured while kicking up the metabolism efficiently”

Ferna Tjhia

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