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PowerSwing is an efficient, cutting edge mind and body workout program combining the elements from Yoga, Fitness, Pilates, Gymnastic, Aerial, etc. utilizing a multiFUNctional suspension device called PowerSwing.

PowerSwing MultiFUNctional Applications:
• Learn to do inversion therapy to alleviate mild back, shoulder, neck pains in minutes safer and easier.
• Learn to do balance and improve core strength muscles (abs & back) easier and more efficient.
• Learn to do Yoga and improve flexibility easier, safer than ever utilizing the swing to support the yoga poses to alleviate back,neck, shoulder pains, migrain,etc. naturally.
• Learn to do Cardio Fitness training and burn maximum calories by strengthening the cardiac muscles, revving up your metabolism, and feel refreshed instantly!
• Power Swing Kidz: Learn to do Yoga, gymnastic, easier and safer, learn to FLY! Let our kids grow
with a healthy mind and body, most of all it’s FUN!
(suitable for 8 years old and up)

It’s been my nature to love any fun, challenging & healthy physical activities, and I started exercising regularly since about 20 years ago,from traditional aerobic, fitness, running, cycling, rollerblading, yoga,
pilates and swinging, it’s been my passion to workout my body, mind, and spirits.

After giving birth to my second child, I started experiencing persistent lower back pains and got a back injury due to my weak core muscles. After failing to find an active remedy that would allow me to enjoy with my favorite physical activities, I searched and was intrigued by suspension workout training using a yoga swing which incorporates elements of yoga, pilates, fitness, aerial. The multifunctional swing device really allow me to work on toning the long and lean muscles, as well as stretching and cardiovascular conditioning at the same time.

When I discovered the powerful benefits of the swing that has been firstly founded in US since 1999, I decided to practice swing regularly and getting extensively trained in Yoga Swing & Therapeutic with the help of Kerrie M. and a Certified Yoga Swing teacher from Australia, until then Power Swing has changed my life, and one day I woke up in the morning with free of pain in my back for the first time of my life!

After my teacher training at AntiGravity Yoga Flying Fitness Teacher Training with Master trainer Shelley Bomb and the creator of AntiGravity Yoga, Christopher Harrison, New York City, I decided to share this greatest swing exercise discoveries toward my friends and family, and our children by opening up Power Swing Studio - the First Swing Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As a certified AFAA Personal Trainer (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America), we are also available in teaching Private classes to help you optimizing the result in your convenient time with friends or families.
So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Yogi, Pilates people, Fitness, or just about to begin your exercise routine, you are all welcome together as ONE to enjoy the freedom of mind, body, and spirits workout. So let there will be no more reasons for all of us to not having enough time for working out, because Power Swing will give all the benefits you can get in just ONE hour a day for you to LIVE STRONGER and BE HAPPIER. Cheers,

Simone Kusuma Halim
Power Swing Founder/ Instructor
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
AntiGravity Yoga Certified Flying Fitness Instructor
Certified Movement Efficiency Training Instructor

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